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72 ‘gigs’


Strange Bird, Queer Bird @ Buntport Theater

| theater

A playful and intimate exploration of love, comfort, and home in a world on fire.

Global Pandemic


Music & Poetry ShowcaseThe Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO

PRF BBQ DenverThe Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO


JANE/EYRE @ The Bakery

| theater

We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.

Wolf, Woman, Man (with Dancers)The Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO


Punk for Positive Change (AIDS Benefit)Surfside 7

| gig | Fort Collins, CO

Claudzilla Curated Musical MayhemSkylark Lounge

| gig | Denver, CO

Queer in the Headlights, Pride PartyLarimer Lounge

| gig | Denver, CO

ACLU BenefitThe Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO


Empowerment Benefit ShowDeer Pile

| gig | Denver, CO

Halloween House Party

| gig | Denver, CO

Afternoon House Party

| gig | Denver, CO


Gorilla Hound PartyThe Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO


Mile High Erotic Spoken Word (#4)The Bakery

| gig | Denver, CO


Bouldering Poets303 Vodka

| gig | Boulder, CO


Leon Presents a Reading Series

| gig | Denver, CO


Missa Populi @ PackingHouse Center for the Arts

| theater

Combining the sacrifice, transcendence, blood, and circumstance of the Catholic Mass with history, live music, science, dance, literature, and pop culture to find a wholly modern communion experience. What we have left is our selves, broken and battered, but surviving together.